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O5 Overseers#6687


I am seeing a crazy, scary, and dangerous situation in the SCPF.
As you can see below, the O5’s, m_arstar and Foxxlyn have decided to quit their departments, because they cannot handle the pressure and activity of being an O5.
Because, in the communications server, you can see, M_arstar and Foxxlyn, only has, Administrative Department role, and not their own departmental roles.

Therefore leaving O5-2 with 4 deparrtments to oversee, which I think is TERRIBLE.
All O5’s should oversee their own department, not leave O5-2 to oversee with them all. O5 Foxxlyn and M_arstar just want O5-2 to do their duties.

Replace their position with competent people willing to interact and assist the SCPF.


12 days ago

Its treason than.

12 days ago

Whatever the situation may be posting a card here likely won’t help and I’m sure they’re working on it if there is an issue.

12 days ago

add sandwich

12 days ago

With turkey ^

12 days ago

upvoted, we should give this guy O5

12 days ago

this guy gets it. i want him in an overseeing position.

12 days ago

Destroyed shut up

11 days ago

dis dude

10 days ago