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More breakable windows in TSC#6671

I know that some people may disagree but I would like to suggest that the TSC windows from both access halls and balcony including the windows near TSTAs should be breakable like the OBS window. This could give the CD a new strategy to do. This can also remind the combatives to keep all the access doors closed. If needed, only the OBS window will be breakable during authorised/unauthorised riot ,and raid. I want to see what people think of this before changes get added.

19 days ago

I sorta agree with this and sorta disagree at the same time. I think this would be a good idea as Class-Ds would have a new way to get out of TSC except OBS window (and hostile). However, I think that Class-Ds would stick to the OBS methods, as most of the time, the AH doors are closed, unless somebody decides to keep them all open, which does not happen often.

19 days ago

Going to disagree here, it’d need a lot of permission changes in the doors to make it worth it and that’d mean CDs could access the access halls which well.. probably a bad idea.

Keeping the TSC a more defensible choke point also makes a lot of sense considering the layout.

19 days ago

@RedFragment The developers could just make it so only the two inner AH doors open and the CDs would have to camp/wait for SD.

19 days ago

That uh.. Doesn’t sound very fun or enjoyable and SD would quickly learn to just peek through the door before going through.

18 days ago

Sounds like skill issue that you cant break obs glass

17 days ago