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Anomaly Actors#6669

I am well aware this suggestion already exists, I am just worried for its implementation due to the previous suggestion being disliked bombed with most of the reasons being related to Pathos.

Coming from someone in ScD, we desperately need a change to the SCPs. Every single living SCP follows a simple format: SCP follows closest person to it at varying speeds, when it touches person, either nothing happens or person dies. Copy and paste that across 20 different SCPs and you have, what’s considered to be, an acceptable line of SCPs for some reason. Even foundations with really impressive tech, such as Phoenix, falls into this problem with its SCPs. The only way we can avoid this problem at this point is to put an actual person with control behind the anomalies. I will give benefits to various departments/groups, I am really sorry for this massive paragraph.

Scientific Department: This should go without saying, human controlled SCPs can allow us to do significantly more than any AI controlled SCP ever would. Even if you throw in a 131 model and slap some basic controls on it, that could potentially be better than any SCP we have in the HCZ currently. You give the same treatment for the bigger and more exciting SCPs like 939 or 106, the potential is near limitless if you’re willing to give the actors the tools they need.

Medical Department: On the two other Roblox games I know to use actors, Pathos and Phoenix International, the medical department always had ways to check for an actor’s psychological and physical wellness with specialized check-ups and whatnot, though due to my lack of experience in any medical department it is difficult for me to think of anything beyond that.

Mobile Task Forces: I don’t know 100% if it is the same here, but I know from my time as a recontainment unit in other SCPFs, most of the time recontainment goes down to having the funny AI follow you from Point A to Point B. What if you could have various methods of recontainment, such as needing to calm down and/or bribe a SCP to go back to containment willingly, or using actual information about the SCP, like “SCP-XXXX is attracted to metallic objects” to be able to lure it into containment using more creative methods.

E&TS: That’s right, you heard me, a potential thing for E&TS to actually do! Living SCPs in lore, for the most part, are similar to humans, they have their own likes and dislikes, even something as seemingly simple as 173 and liking his cell to be clean. I’m not saying you make E&TS just SCP caretakers or anything, just have them deal with technical needs for SCPs, such as a SCP being able to create dents in their cells that for whatever reason anger them, or you need to make sure lighting in their cells stay at a certain point to keep them calm. Sorry the ideas are a bit boring, I have trouble thinking of E&TS features but like to include them whenever I get the chance.

Class-D Personnel/Hostiles: One of the big complaints regarding anomaly actors is that it could potentially ruin breaching SCPs, though I would argue the exact opposite. Breaching is similar to Recontainment, except you have freedom on where your Point B is. What if you could convince a SCP to work with you in promise of something like escaping the facility, inacting revenge on some scientist who was a jerk to him earlier, or whatnot so he can work with you. Think of something like SCP: SL where this is a common occurance in a round of that game.

Manufacturing Department: I am well aware of how much work this would be for you guys, but I want you to consider a few things.

1) You will not need to program another complex AI for a SCP again if this works out well, which seems fantastic after what happened with 106 for me.

2) Readding SCP-106 You had a lot going great for SCP-106, the containment/recontainment method was really good, the SCP looked nice, the abilities were cool, everything was lining up, until the script broke and it had to be removed. If you add it back with this update, you could strip it of that AI, add in the tools the actor needs to use the abilities, and unless those tools break I doubt many of us will have major complaints.

20 days ago

I would absolutely love reasons why you liked/disliked this suggestion for reasons besides Pathos’s existence.

20 days ago

Will I do appreciate dis and it would be cool but here is a couple things to consider:
1: Whenever there is anomaly actors it becomes kinda less immersive, instead of the spooky SCP you know it’s xx_noobkiller69_xx whoes doing it. (Note: This could be reduced by having anyone in that department subjected to IA style treatment, given another account and they are unable to join any other department on that account)

2: This creates more delays in testing waiting for AA’s to get on.

3: Inconsistencies between actors, you could fix this by having a big spreadsheet of every test ever and making sure they consult it before doing anything, but it would become too much of a hastle and ScD would need to provide questions beforehand, which would mean you couldn’t have much improvisation in tests. (What I mean by this is 1 actor playing 999 might always prefer to go towards people without guns to try and protec himself, another might prefer to go towards people with guns to calm them down, they are both valid interpretations of what the SCP would do but you can’t get a consistent stream of tests)

4: Where does the pool of applicants come from? Are they handpicked and it becomes kinda like an IA situation where nobody knows how to get in and you just have to hope? Are they accepting applications and you get every bloody L-2 applying? Are they only accepted L-3+ or something and every L-2 feels like they just got scammed?

5: What happens when the AA’s aren’t on and a CD tries to breach them? From my experience in other SCPF’s that use them (pathos lol), the only time an AA is online is when they are requested for a test, CD’s wouldn’t get anything from this feature. And no, I see very VERY few possibilities in which a CD could “page” an AA. Also this means you would probably want to keep the AI’s anyway. (Note: You could solve this by having many many AA’s so that theres almost always one on, but that makes issue 1 and issue 3 much worse)

6: Pathos lol

7: Development time, this would be a huge strain and we have more important things. Also i’m unsure but I think most of MaD is working on the new site and we only have smol team. With every major update there will be bugs aswell, this is no exception, there would have to be lots of work put into fixing and patching this. Keep in mind this wouldn’t just be a reskin of stuff aswell, SCP’s have actual abilties that need to be cloned (IE: 999’s different moods, 173 teleports, 939 ok fair enough)

8: (A positive) 014. THIS SCP IS OBJECTIVELY THE WORST SCP ON-SITE. The only reason I test on it is to troll ignorant SD who don’t realise I can, and to basically in a way “escort” the SD into Zone-C to kill escaping CD’s (Shuttup you do it to). This SCP never gets good reports, it’s questions always suck and I hate it. An AA would make this SCP ACTUALLY INTERESTING MAYBE. But again Issue 3 becomes quite prominent and issue 9 aswell.

9: This is a lead of from issue 3, basically further from my experience at pathos AA’s rarely try to add significant discoveries (IE: 049 won’t tell you how he sees pestilence or it’s symptoms or anything), they always kind of answer vaguely to try to avoid the third issue. This just means most tests on AA’s become “More research needed”, and you never get a good answer from them.

I think the idea could be good, but issues issues issues.

20 days ago

^^^^ TLDR: Pathos lol

20 days ago

how is pathos lol an issue

20 days ago

Pathos: lol

20 days ago

We are not pathos

20 days ago


20 days ago

I do kind of like the idea btw, I just think it’s important to look at both sides of the argument rather then just one side before making a decision.
With recontainment I can imagine it’d be pretty simple for SCP’s like 999 (They just follow them in, and maybe the max roleplay is saying “Stay”) with 106 recontainment should be quite lore based, and the actor is required to just hit a button or something to recontain themselves when it plays (Or it auto recontains them when femur breaker goes brrrr).

That leaves 266 and 173. 266 is similair to 999 but less sentient, as a side note I think 266 is the SCP that needs an actor the least given how basic it is. 266 should just follow the MTF and then they run out and lock it in.
173 is a bit more difficult but again it isn’t very big brain and should just follow and try to snap the neck of the nearest person, and a MTF who does quick turns to bait 173 into coming closer while surviving.

As another side note I feel like 173 would be difficult for AA’s cause of how fast it moves and the reaction time needed, but also if you’ve ever tried to breach/recontain 173 you’d know it currently just stops for 1 second after you’ve turned back to look at it and then moves closer while your looking at it so kinda an immersion breaker.

Again if AA’s are done right and command+MaD puts a significant amount of effort into ensuring they are done well then AA’s could be good, but theres many ways to fall down on them (IE: If you read my paragraph you might note that a couple of the issues also apply to pathos). If your gonna do it you gotta do it with your own unique take or bloody better then pathos.

19 days ago

Love the idea, also what do you guys mean “new site”? I never saw an announcement about it.

19 days ago

SCP actors would also make the ‘good’ tests timezone dependent. ScD has had plenty of people who couldn’t grow in the department because their timezone would require them to stay up incredibly late to get recommendations or experience the site during peak activity.
SCP actors would increase the difficulty those people would have with tests. This would leave them either without SCPs or with AI versions, just aka the ‘worse’ options just because they live in a certain place.

And this wouldn’t just stop at them. If an SCP has a limited amount of actors which can use it, the availability shrinks a lot. If there are too many, there will be changes in behaviour. Probably nothing extreme, but enough that it might influence a test based on behaviour someone wishes to do (or just prevent it all together if a specific behavioural trait is only done by a single actor).

Then there’s the thing where actors are people too, they get bored. That means they will try to breach. And unlike AI SCPs, Actor SCPs can only be contained at their own descretion.

Continuing on breaches, given that a lot of SCPs on the site are just killing machines, someone during a breach would be much better at finding their way around the site to kill, disrupting duties, locking down testing zones, etc. This combined with the previous point would definitely decrease the amount of testing opportunities ScD and MD can get.

19 days ago

I don’t think that the restrictions on timezones will be a problem if the group is done correct and has a wide arrange of actors.

I’m going to upvote this although I did downvote the original.

19 days ago

yessir, pulling up with 939 into tsc :sunglasses:

19 days ago


12 days ago

Anomaly actors won’t get bored if they’re paid.

6 days ago

Anomaly actors won’t get bored if they’re done right and made interesting.

6 days ago